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We are leaders in extrusion, conversion and printing of polythene film using state of the art equipment.

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We have built up a national reputation for providing the customised packaging to meet your needs.

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We are committed to the highest quality, reliability, responsibility and continuous improvement.

About us

Established & Experienced

Polyclear, with its headquarters in Southampton, has been offering bespoke polythene packaging solutions for over 44 years; and is proud to be a specialist in the fields of extrusion, conversion and printing of polythene film, using state of the art equipment to further enhance the highest of standards on which the Group has built its reputation.

Chairman Paul Mehta founded the Company in 1973, and over the years family members have been privileged to be a part of, and contribute to, the success story; one built on innovation, honesty, quality and customer service.

Diverse Expertise

We offer a wide range of films which give protection and security for a diverse range of products in a myriad of industries such as, but not limited to:

  • Marine
  • Food processing
  • Transport, logistics and freight
  • Waste management
  • Hospitality
  • Clothing & textiles

Customer Focused

Our adaptability, skill, and experience are proven by our extensive list of satisfied customers. Utilising the latest in cutting edge new millenium technology, we blend experience with the newest in polythene packaging manufacturing.

The fact that most of our clients retain enduring relationships with us is further proof that not only our work is excellent, but also that our concern for our clients is of paramount importance.

Why choose us?

Not only do we offer quality products, but quality products at competitive prices. We aim to always provide excellent customer service, without any attitude.

We have assembled an experienced and passionate team with a commitment to quality and efficiency. Our integrated production method is the product of our commitment to technology. From procurement to final delivery our technological applications offer precision and excellence in all of our work.

Our customers receive reliability, predictability, performance and quality through their entire schedule. The result is outstanding finished product, from the material sourced, to the complete documentation.

Our Services

Polythene Extrusion

Our modern extrusion facility can produce in excess of 20000 tons of polythene film per year. Continual investment in modern extrusion and blending equipment backed up by extensive experience in sourcing high quality raw materials allows Polyclear to tailor its products to cater for the individual needs of its wide range of customers.

Every Customer is individual and therefore has individual requirements, which is why our technicians are constantly developing new film blends to meet these ever changing requirements. Strict process controls ensure consistency of product.


Within Polyclear Group our experts and advisors are here to guide you through the process from start to finish, addressing any queries or concerns you may have and provide solutions which will cater to your specific needs.

We take all the information, together with any specific technical requirements you may have, and based on our experience, provide you with the solution that is best and of course most cost effective for you. Furthermore, as a Family owned business Polyclear’s short lines of communications allow us to provide a flexible and reactive service for our customers.


Our polythene is 100% recyclable and our state of the art recycling centre allows us to significantly reduce our waste, while at the same time creating a unique Polyclear recycled blend free from contaminates.

Depending on the application, the recycled blend offers cost saving advantages. We are reducing our energy usage and fossil fuel derived polyethylene further through our continual effort to create thinner but stronger films such as our own PK64 super strength blend.


A business should have the luxury to be able to respond quickly to the ever changing needs and demands placed upon them. After all, the rapid development of technology, free flowing information and a need for instant results are the cornerstone of today’s commercial world.

We therefore believe that as a valued supplier of polythene packaging, we should be able to assist you with just that. Our warehouse can stock your products and deliver with no disturbance to you or your customers’ process. Of course there is economic advantage for yourself as this allows us to streamline and make more efficient our production and delivery schedule.

Value Engineering

We all want the most cost effective, efficient processes and integrity of product. Experience has taught us that although different manufacturers may use the same products, machinery and environment can change the way a product performs.

That is why our engineers and product advisors will work closely with you to assess your requirements, machinery and processes to ensure we deliver exactly what is asked for.


We can convert our film to other polythene products such as bags, sheets and covers, and in a wide range of widths. These can be supplied loose in a box or bag or Perforated on a Roll ( POR ).


From warning notices to larger branding, our highly trained technical operators will help you ‘stamp’ your mark onto your chosen polythene product. We can print onto narrow width film all the way up to 6m wide film in a myriad of colours.

Our products

...and much more. Please contact us for a full product list.

We serve to meet

your packaging needs

Our industrial packaging services are suited to meet the needs of numerous industries and the individual processes within those industries. Therefore, as each product we manufacture is bespoke, we are able to tailor your packaging for its specific tasks with the addition of masterbatch additives such as anti static, anti block and ultra violet stabilisers. Please contact us for a more comprehensive consultation.

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  • We are proud to offer the highest quality packaging services to clients.

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